1. [ adjective ] below the required standards for a purpose

"an unfit parent" "unfit for human consumption"

Related terms: fit unsuitable subhuman condemned
2. [ adjective ] not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition

"fat and very unfit" "certified as unfit for army service" "drunk and unfit for service"

Related terms: fit disabled crippled dipped afflicted broken-backed broken-backed apractic lame knock-kneed maimed paralytic paraplegic crookback autistic crookback gammy bandy ill unhealthy unsound
3. [ adjective ] physically unsound or diseased
Synonyms: unsound bad

"has a bad back" "a bad heart" "bad teeth" "an unsound limb" "unsound teeth"

Related terms: unhealthy
4. [ verb ] make unfit or unsuitable
Synonyms: disqualify indispose

"Your income disqualifies you"

Related terms: qualify change disqualification
Similar spelling:   unbitter