undo is the dictionary form of undone Definition of undo
1. [ verb ] cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect

"I wish I could undo my actions"

Related terms: change_by_reversal unfold untie unwire unhitch unplug unravel unfasten unbuckle unstaple unpick unpin unbutton unstrap unbraid unwind unbelt unclip undoing
2. [ verb ] deprive of certain characteristics
Synonyms: unmake
Related terms: do destroy
3. [ verb ] cause to become loos
Synonyms: untie loosen

"undo the shoelace" "untie the knot" "loosen the necktie"

Related terms: change loosening opener untying
4. [ verb ] remove the outer cover or wrapping of
Synonyms: unwrap

"Let's unwrap the gifts!" "undo the parcel"

Related terms: wrap uncover opener
5. [ verb ] cause the ruin or downfall of

"A single mistake undid the President and he had to resign"

Related terms: change_by_reversal ruin destroyer
Similar spelling:   untune