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Definition of underware

"underware" is probably misspelled. Trying underwear instead Definition of underwear

1. underwear [ n ] undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garments

Used in print:

(Jesse Hill Ford, Mountains of Gilead....)

Or you could hope the parachute would n't open just so you could say you saw it not open , not because you meant any harm to Starkey_Poe in his suit of red underwear , but mainly because you were tired_of being an old_maid - a thing which cannot admit when it thinks it might be pregnant , but must stand the dizzy feeling all alone and go_on like everything is all_right instead of being able to say to somebody in a normal voice : `` I think I 'm pregnant '' .

Synonyms underwear underclothing underclothes Related Terms undergarment lingerie skivvies long_johns BVD's

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