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Definition of und

"und" is probably misspelled. Trying undo instead Definition of undo

1. undo [ v ] cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect
Examples: "I wish I could undo my actions"

Used in print:

(Guy Bolton, The Olympians....)

The bodice beneath was buttoned and , withdrawing his lips from hers , he set her upright on his knee and started to undo it , unhurriedly as if she were a child .

Synonyms undo Related Terms change_by_reversal unfold untie unwire unhitch unplug unravel unfasten unbuckle unstaple unpick unpin unbutton unstrap unbraid unwind unbelt unclip undoing

2. undo [ v ] deprive of certain characteristics

Used in print:

(Sallie Bingham, "Moving Day," The Atlantic...)

Carefully , he undid the bow .

Synonyms undo unmake Related Terms do destroy

3. undo [ v ] cause to become loos
Examples: "undo the shoelace" "untie the knot" "loosen the necktie"

Synonyms undo untie loosen Related Terms change loosening opener untying

4. undo [ v ] remove the outer cover or wrapping of
Examples: "Let's unwrap the gifts!" "undo the parcel"

Synonyms undo unwrap Related Terms wrap uncover opener

5. undo [ v ] cause the ruin or downfall of
Examples: "A single mistake undid the President and he had to resign"

Synonyms undo Related Terms change_by_reversal ruin destroyer

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