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Definition of twenty_two

"TWENTY_TWO" is probably misspelled. Trying twenty-two instead Definition of twenty-two

1. twenty-two [ n ] the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-one and one

Used in print:

(Frances and Richard Lockridge, Murder Has...)

The twenty-three ( or twenty-two with the Paynes themselves omitted ) provided merely a place to start , and their identification was the barest of starts .

Synonyms 22 twenty-two XXII Related Terms large_integer

2. twenty-two [ a ] being two more than twenty

Synonyms 22 xxii twenty-two Related Terms cardinal

3. twenty-two [ n ] a .22 caliber firearm (pistol or rifle)

Synonyms .22 twenty-two Related Terms firearm twenty-two_rifle twenty-two_pistol

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