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Definition of twenty_one

"Twenty_one" is probably misspelled. Trying twenty-one instead Definition of twenty-one

1. twenty-one [ a ] being one more than twenty

Used in print:

(Douglas Ashford, "Elections in Morocco: Progress...)

Both men and women of twenty-one years of_age could register and vote upon presenting proof of residence and identification .

Synonyms 21 twenty-one xxi Related Terms cardinal

2. twenty-one [ n ] the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty and one

Used in print:

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

Twenty-one year old Milt_Pappas and Jerry_Walker , 22 , are scheduled to share the Oriole mound chores against the Bombers ' Art_Ditmar in Sunday 's 2 P.M. encounter .

Synonyms 21 twenty-one XXI Related Terms large_integer

3. twenty-one [ n ] a card game in which the object is to hold cards having a higher count than those dealt to the bank up to but not exceeding 21

Synonyms twenty-one vingt-et-un blackjack Related Terms card_game

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