1. [ noun ] (music,performing arts) a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet
Synonyms: cornetist
Related terms: musician bugler armstrong dizzy_gillespie trumpet
2. [ noun ] (zoology) large gregarious forest-dwelling cranelike bird of South America having glossy black plumage and a loud prolonged cry; easily domesticated
Related terms: wading_bird Brazilian_trumpeter Psophia
3. [ noun ] (formal) a person who announces important news
Synonyms: herald

"the chieftain had a herald who announced his arrival with a trumpet"

Related terms: messenger formality
4. [ noun ] (zoology) large pure white wild swan of western North America having a sonorous cry
Synonyms: Cygnus_buccinator trumpeter_swan
Related terms: swan Cygnus
Similar spelling:   trumpet