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Definition of torda

"torda" is probably misspelled. Trying torrid instead Definition of torrid

1. torrid [ a ] emotionally charged and vigorously energetic
Examples: "a torrid dance" "torrid jazz bands" "hot trumpets and torrid rhythms"

Synonyms torrid Related Terms hot

2. torrid [ a ] characterized by intense emotion
Examples: "ardent love" "an ardent lover" "a burning enthusiasm" "a fervent desire to change society" "a fervent admirer" "fiery oratory" "an impassioned appeal" "a torrid love affair"

Synonyms impassioned fervent fiery ardent burning torrid perfervid fervid Related Terms passionate

3. torrid [ a ] burning hot; extremely and unpleasantly hot
Examples: "the torrid noonday sun" "sultry sands of the dessert"

Synonyms sultry torrid Related Terms hot

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