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"to_be" is probably misspelled. Trying be instead Definition of be

1. be [ v ] have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun)
Examples: "John is rich" "This is not a good answer"

Used in print:

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

`` The statements may be highly prejudicial to my client '' , Bellows told the court .

It is impossible to get a fair trial when some of the defendants made statements involving themselves and_others '' .

`` What this amounts to , if true , is that there will be a free-for-all fight in_this case .

In the two other cases he ruled that the state had been `` unable to make a case '' .

Karns said it was a `` wrongful act '' for Wexler to take statements `` privately and outside of the grand_jury room '' .

Synonyms be Related Terms look sell stay want appear tend prove stand feel stay stand cost range remain deserve rate look account_for count rest specify contain total lie represent measure compare hail end depend run belong make_sense figure underlie comprise consist_of hold loiter go pay fall run_into stand_by confuse account_for relate belong suffer let_go rage shine buy promise incarnate owe head wind come_in_for hang rank belong lend subtend stink hum abound cut_across squat sparkle suffer sulk suit litter fit shine jumble balance sell be_well come_in_handy trim breathe osculate cohere stagnate rut recognize distribute stick impend hoodoo seethe translate mope seethe cut diverge iridesce gravitate fall compact continue draw wash clean accept seem test attend beat answer act cover connect contain sell gape make kill account deck pride disagree begin pass begin consist lubricate swing work retard stagnate object press transplant point put_out suffer

2. be [ v ] be identical to; be someone or something, as in "The president of the company is John Smith"
Examples: "This is my house"

Used in print:

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

`` Actually , the abuse of the process may have constituted a contempt of the Criminal_court of Cook county , altho vindication of the authority of_that court is not the function of_this court '' , said Karns , who is a City judge in East St._Louis sitting in Cook_County court .

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

The_most positive element to emerge from the Oslo meeting of North_Atlantic_Treaty_Organization Foreign_Ministers has been the freer , franker , and wider discussions , animated by much better mutual_understanding than in past meetings .

This has been a working session of an organization that , by its very nature , can only proceed along its route step_by_step and without dramatic changes .

The nightmare of a clash between those in_trouble in Africa , exacerbated by the difficulties , changes , and tragedies facing them , and other allies who intellectually and emotionally disapprove of the circumstances that have brought these troubles about , has been conspicious by its absence .

The secretary 's greatest achievement is perhaps the rekindling of NATO realization that East-West friction , wherever it take_place around the globe , is in_essence the general conflict between two entirely different societies , and must be treated as_such without regard_to geographical distance or lack of apparent connection .

Synonyms be

3. be [ v ] occupy a certain position or area; be somewhere
Examples: "Where is my umbrella?" "The toolshed is in the back" also for abstract situations and relations: "What is behind this behavior?"

Used in print:

(Musical America, LXXXI:5...)

I think the answer is to be found in Prokofieff 's own words :

(Bern Dibner, "Oerstad and the Discovery of Electro...)

The form of galvanic activity is halfway between the magnetic form and the electrical form .

(John R. Sargent, "Where To Aim Your Planning for Bigger...)

Need for service is here to stay - and the problem is going_to be tougher to solve in the sixties .

Solutions frequently suggest themselves when you accurately pinpoint your problems , whether they be in the market , in marketing methods or in marketing management .

([Anonymous,] "The Attack on Employee Services"...)

In what section of the country are you located ?

Synonyms be Related Terms dwell lie attend sit run cover stretch inhabit reach follow occupy go come lie straddle extend face belong center_on stand_back lie

4. be [ v ] have an existence, be extant
Examples: "Is there a God?"

Used in print:

(Walter H. Buchsbaum, "Advances in Medical Electronics"...)

One of the most gratifying applications of an important technique of submarine detection is in the exploration of the human_body .

(Bern Dibner, "Oerstad and the Discovery of Electro...)

So impressive were those serious years of study at the university that Hans later wrote , `` to be perfectly free , the young man must revel in the great kingdom of thought and imagination ; there is a struggle there , in which , if he falls , it is easy for him to rise again , there is freedom of utterance there , which draws after it no irreparable consequences on society .

So impressive were those serious years of study at the university that Hans later wrote , `` to be perfectly free , the young man must revel in the great kingdom of thought and imagination ; there is a struggle there , in which , if he falls , it is easy for him to rise again , there is freedom of utterance there , which draws after it no irreparable consequences on society .

(Successful Farming, 59:12...)

There are three principal feed_bunk types for dairy and beef_cattle : ( 1 ) Fence-line bunks - cattle eat from one side while feed is put_in from the opposite side of the fence by self unloading wagons ; ( 2 ) Mechanized bunks - they sit within the feed_lot , are filled by a mechanical conveyor above feeding surface ; ( 3 ) Special bunks - as discussed here , they permit cattle to eat from all sides .

([Anonymous,] "The Attack on Employee Services"...)

Are there other , cheaper communications techniques that could be substituted ?

Synonyms be exist Related Terms endanger dwell prevail come flow coexist preexist distribute kick_around being

5. be [ v ] happen, occur, take place
Examples: "I lost my wallet this was during the visit to my parents' house" "There were two hundred people at his funeral" "There was a lot of noise in the kitchen"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

Despite the warning , there was a unanimous vote to enter a candidate , according_to Republicans who attended .

When the crowd was asked whether it wanted to wait one more term to make the race , it voted no - and there were no dissents .

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

There was no debate as the Senate passed the bill on to the House .

The TEA estimated there would be 182 scholastics to attend the day_school in Dallas_County , saving them from coming to Austin to live in the state deaf school .

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

Saxton has made only one second-half appearance this season and that was in the Washington_State game , for four plays : he returned the kickoff 30 yards , gained five yards through the line and_then uncorked a 56 - yard touchdown run before retiring to the bench .

Synonyms be occur Related Terms lie fall run abound_in interlude

6. be [ v ] be identical or equivalent to
Examples: : "One dollar equals 1,000 rubles these days!"

Used in print:

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

The social_security payroll tax is now 6 per_cent - 3 per_cent on each worker and employer - on the first $ 4800 of pay per_year .

(The Providence Journal...)

Mr._Hawksley , the state 's general treasurer , has been a part-time CD director in the city for the last nine years .

The attorney_general has advised local police that it is their duty to enforce the_blue laws .

He said he was `` confessing that I was a member of the Socialist_Party in 1910 '' .

Indicating the way in_which he has turned his back on his 1910 philosophy , Mr._Reama said : `` A Socialist is a person who believes_in dividing everything he does not own '' .

Synonyms be equal Related Terms differ represent match equate translate

7. be [ v ] form or compose
Examples: "This money is my only income" "These constitute my entire belonging" "The children made up the chorus" "This sum represents my entire income for a year" "These few men comprise his entire army"

Used in print:

(Musical America, LXXXI:5...)

To the Traditionalists , it was a brilliant satire on modernism ; to the Neo Classicists , it was a challenge to the pre-war world .

To the Traditionalists , it was a brilliant satire on modernism ; to the Neo Classicists , it was a challenge to the pre-war world .

What was it to Prokofieff ?

That he mastered every aspect of his medium according_to his own great talents and contemporary judgments , is a good and solid symbol of his people under the tremendous pressures of proclaiming and practising the rigors of a new culture ; and perhaps of even greater significance - his music is strong 20_th Century evidence of the effectiveness of Evolution , based on a broad Traditionalism for the creative art of music .

(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

If a human figure or wild_life are to be part of the projected final picture , I try to place them in the initial sketch .

Synonyms be constitute make_up represent comprise Related Terms form compose fall_into supplement present range make constitution

8. be [ v ] work in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function
Examples: "He is a herpetologist "She is our resident philosopher"

Used in print:

(The Times-Picayune, [New Orleans],...)

This is largely because of the unpredictability of the man who operates the helm of the state_government and is the elected leader of its two million inhabitants - Gov._Ross_Barnett .

(The Philadelphia Inquirer,...)

Mining is secretary-treasurer of the local and Shiflett is a member of its executive committee .

Mining is secretary-treasurer of the local and Shiflett is a member of its executive committee .

(The Oregonian...)

Martin , who has been in office in Washington , D._C. , for 13 months spoke at the council 's annual meeting at the Multnomah_Hotel .

(Rocky Mountain News, [Denver, Colorado]...)

The pert , gray-haired woman who came to Denver three years ago from Buffalo , N._Y. , is a `` civilian '' with the Army .

Synonyms be work follow Related Terms wait carpenter clerk page cox specialize vet minister intern skipper cooper boondoggle work

9. be [ v ] represent, as of a character on stage
Examples: "Derek Jacobi was Hamlet"

Used in print:

(The Providence Journal...)

One of these men is former Fire_Chief John_A._Laughlin , he said .

(The Oregonian...)

At the adoption , the Rev._T._F._Zimmerman , general superintendent , commented , `` The Assemblies of God has been a bulwark for fundamentalism in these modern days and has , without compromise , stood_for the great truths of the Bible for which men in_the_past have been willing to give their lives '' .

(The Philadelphia Inquirer,...)

Mrs._H._J._Grinsfelder is chairman .

Mrs._Harry_K._Cohen is chairman of_this phase and she is getting an artistic assist from A._Van_Hollander , display director of Gimbel Brothers .

Mrs._Theodore_Kapnek is vice_chairman of the committee for the gala .

Synonyms be embody personify Related Terms symbolize exemplify body character

10. be [ v ] spend or use time
Examples: : "I may be an hour"

Used in print:

(Bruce Palmer, "My Brother's Keeper", Many Are...)

If my pass is approved , I may be a half_hour .

Synonyms be Related Terms take

11. be [ v ] have life, be alive
Examples: "Our great leader is no more" "My grandfather lived until the end of war"

Used in print:

(Rhode Island Governor's Proclamations:...)

They had been through trying times , but their faith in the Almighty had given them the courage and the strength to meet and overcome the many problems and difficulties that were the price they had to pay for freedom .

Synonyms live be Related Terms live_on survive animation life_form

12. be [ v ] to remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted -- used only in infinitive form
Examples: "let her be"

Synonyms be Related Terms stay

13. be [ v ] be priced at
Examples: "These shoes cost $100"

Synonyms cost be Related Terms set_back monetary_value

14. Be [ n ] a light strong brittle gray toxic bivalent metallic element

Synonyms beryllium atomic_number_4 glucinium Be Related Terms metallic_element gadolinite chrysoberyl beryl

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