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Definition of til

"til" is probably misspelled. Trying till instead Definition of till

1. till [ p ] preposition
Examples: "We'll arrange something pending a final settlement." "Unto this day I never heard of him."

Synonyms until till unto pending

2. till [ n ] a treasury for government funds

Synonyms trough till public_treasury Related Terms treasury

3. till [ v ] work land as by ploughing, harrowing, and manuring, in order to make it ready for cultivation
Examples: "till the soil"

Synonyms till Related Terms work plow hoe farming tiller cultivated_land cultivator tilling cultivate

4. till [ n ] unstratified soil deposited by a glacier; consists of sand and clay and gravel and boulders mixed together

Synonyms boulder_clay till Related Terms soil

5. Till [ n ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 7936

Synonyms Till

6. till [ n ] a strongbox for holding cash

Synonyms money_box till cashbox Related Terms strongbox cash_register

Rhymes with

till still until distill distil bastille instill tactile bastille quartile infantile standstill

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