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Definition of tid

"tid" is probably misspelled. Trying tidy instead Definition of tidy

1. tidy [ v ] put (things or places) in order
Examples: "Tidy up your room!"

Synonyms clean_up straighten tidy_up square_away neaten straighten_out tidy Related Terms order houseclean make

2. tidy [ a ] large in amount or extent or degree
Examples: "it cost a considerable amount" "a goodly amount" "received a hefty bonus" "a respectable sum" "a tidy sum of money" "a sizable fortune"

Synonyms respectable goodish hefty sizable sizeable tidy goodly Related Terms considerable

3. tidy [ a ] marked by good order and cleanliness in appearance or habits
Examples: "a tidy person" "a tidy house" "a tidy mind"

Synonyms tidy Related Terms untidy neat shipshape neat shipshape slicked_up uncluttered straight clean-cut ruly orderly clean fastidious groomed

4. tidy [ a ] (used of hair) neat and tidy
Examples: "a nicely kempt beard"

Synonyms tidy trim kempt Related Terms groomed

5. tidy [ n ] receptacle that holds odds and ends (as sewing materials)

Synonyms tidy Related Terms receptacle

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