1. [ verb ] move rhythmically
Synonyms: beat pound

"Her heart was beating fast"

Related terms: move convulse flap pulsate palpitate beat pulse
2. [ verb ] make a dull sound
Synonyms: thud

"the knocker thudded against the front door"

Related terms: go
3. [ verb ] hit hard with the had, fist, or some heavy instrument
Synonyms: pound poke

"the salesman pounded the door knocker" "a bible-thumping Southern Baptist"

Related terms: hit punch
4. [ noun ] a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects)
Synonyms: thumping thud clunk clump
Related terms: sound thud clop crump
5. [ noun ] a heavy blow with the hand
Related terms: blow
Similar spelling:   thumb