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Definition of throut

"throut" is probably misspelled. Trying throw_out instead Definition of throw_out

1. throw_out [ v ] force to leave or move out
Examples: "He was expelled from his native country"

Used in print:

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

Hieronymus , like Piepsam , makes his protest quite in_vain , and his rejection , though not fatal , is ridiculous and humiliating ; he is simply thrown_out of the shop by the porter .

Synonyms throw_out expel kick_out Related Terms move banish extradite suspend banish expatriate banish ejection

2. throw_out [ v ] put out or expel from a place
Examples: "The child was expelled from the classroom"

Used in print:

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

You would n't have me throw the poor boy out on the street '' , Eileen said when I needled her about it .

Synonyms throw_out eject expel turn_out boot_out exclude turf_out kick_out chuck_out Related Terms move exorcise bounce evict evict show_the_door dislodge ejection

3. throw_out [ v ] throw or cast away
Examples: "Put away your worries"

Used in print:

(John Hazard Wildman, "Take It Off," The Arizona...)

I opened the window and threw the radish out '' .

Synonyms throw_away throw_out discard dispose toss_away cast_aside put_away toss cast_out toss_out cast_away chuck_out fling Related Terms get_rid_of dump abandon sell_out trash retire waste deep-six jettison de-access unlearn close_out disposal discard discard

4. throw_out [ v ] remove from a position or office
Examples: "The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds"

Used in print:

(Perry Miller "Theodore Parker: Apostasy within Liberalism"...)

Parker insisted upon not resigning , even when the majority wanted him to depart , upon daring the Fellowship to throw him out .

Synonyms oust throw_out drum_out kick_out expel boot_out Related Terms remove depose excommunicate ejection

5. throw_out [ v ] bring forward for consideration or acceptance
Examples: "advance an argument"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

I knew of but one test and I threw it out to her for what it was worth .

Synonyms advance throw_out Related Terms propose

6. throw_out [ v ] cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration
Examples: : "This case is dismissed!"

Used in print:

(Patrick Dennis, Little Me....)

My plea was unanimously voted_down and `` thrown_out '' .

Synonyms dismiss throw_out Related Terms judgment_of_dismissal

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