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Definition of thoughtfull

"thoughtfull" is probably misspelled. Trying thoughtful instead Definition of thoughtful

1. thoughtful [ a ] having intellectual depth
Examples: "a deeply thoughtful essay"

Used in print:

(Newton Stallknecht, "Ideas and Literature," in Newton S...)

The term idea refers to our more reflective or thoughtful consciousness as_opposed_to the immediacies of sensuous or emotional experience .

(87th Congress, 1st Session. Congressional Record....)

Yesterday , I had the privilege of reading a thoughtful article in the U._S._News_+_World_Report of May 8 which discussed this type of action in more detail , including both its advantages and its disadvantages .

Synonyms thoughtful Related Terms profound

2. thoughtful [ a ] exhibiting or characterized by careful thought
Examples: "a thoughtful paper"

Synonyms thoughtful Related Terms thoughtless brooding considered bemused excogitative cogitative deliberative deliberate considerate thoughtfulness

3. thoughtful [ a ] acting with or showing thought and good sense
Examples: "a sensible young man"

Used in print:

(The Rev. John A. O'Brien, "Let's Take Birth Control...)

One is the primary purpose for which marriage exists , namely , the continuance of the race through the gift and heritage of children ; the other is the paramount importance in married life of deliberate and thoughtful self-control '' .

Synonyms thoughtful sensible Related Terms serious

4. thoughtful [ a ] taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention
Examples: "heedful of the warnings" "so heedful a writer" "heedful of what they were doing"

Synonyms attentive thoughtful heedful Related Terms heedless attentiveness

5. thoughtful [ a ] showing consideration and anticipation of needs
Examples: "it was thoughtful of you to bring flowers" "a neighbor showed thoughtful attention"

Synonyms thoughtful kind Related Terms considerate

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