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Definition of thats

"thats" is probably misspelled. Trying that instead Definition of that

1. that [ c ] conjunction, introduces a subordinate clause
Examples: " said that I was sorry."

Synonyms that

2. that [ d ] determiner, one among many
Examples: "that man stole my wallet"

Synonyms that

3. that [ d ] determiner, indicating which specific one

Synonyms that

4. that [ o ] pronoun, third person singular neuter

Synonyms that

5. that [ o ] pronoun, the other thing being indicated

Synonyms that

6. that [ o ] pronoun, relative to the preceding thing or person

Synonyms that which who

7. that [ o ] pronoun, the thing or person being indicated

Synonyms that_over_there that

8. that [ o ] pronoun

Synonyms what that

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