1. [ noun ] (geography) a region marked off for administrative or other purposes
Synonyms: district
Related terms: region development enclave jurisdiction protectorate Attica Northern_Territory Galloway Yukon sultanate Sabah Palatinate city_district West_Malaysia athos lake_district Boeotia Lothian_Region residential_district East_Malaysia Castile Sarawak Catalonia Natal American_Samoa Aragon Acadia Kordofan louisiana_purchase Northwest_Territories goldfield acre congressional_district administrative_district
2. [ noun ] (geography) a territorial possession controlled by a ruling state
Synonyms: district dominion province colony mandate territorial_dominion
Related terms: possession region development Palestine jurisdiction enclave Attica protectorate Boeotia goldfield residential_district Yukon nunavut Galloway American_Samoa Castile Acadia Northwest_Territories athos Northern_Territory Gilbert_and_Ellice_Islands congressional_district city_district Lothian_Region Faroe_Islands Macao Sabah East_Malaysia borderland West_Malaysia Sarawak Aragon French_Polynesia Catalonia Kordofan british_virgin_islands american_virgin_islands louisiana_purchase Natal acre lake_district possession Palatinate northern_mariana_islands trust_territory mandate administrative_district zone
3. [ noun ] an area of knowledge or interest

"his questions covered a lot of territory"

Related terms: area
4. [ noun ] (geography) the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state
Synonyms: soil

"American troops were stationed on Japanese soil"

Related terms: geographical_area
Similar spelling:   Tertry