1. [ noun ] (government) charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
Synonyms: revenue_enhancement taxation
Related terms: levy duty rate income_tax excise gift_tax indirect_tax pavage capital_levy progressive_tax special_assessment single_tax transfer_tax stamp_tax franchise_tax capital_gains_tax direct_tax departure_tax rates capitation deductible withholding budget_items imposition collector unearned_income disposable_income hidden_tax deductible regressive charge net_estate progressive
2. [ verb ] (government) levy a tax on

"The State taxes alcohol heavily" "Clothing is not taxed in our state"

Related terms: levy overtax tariff excise surtax taxer taxation
3. [ verb ] determine the court costs of; in court actions
Synonyms: assess
Related terms: determine assess assessment
4. [ verb ] (law) make a charge against or accuse

"They taxed him failure to appear in court"

Related terms: charge
5. [ verb ] use to the limit
Synonyms: task

"you are taxing my patience"

Related terms: strain
Similar spelling:   taxi