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Definition of survivorship

"survivorship" is probably misspelled. Trying survivor instead Definition of survivor

1. survivor [ n ] one who lives through affliction
Examples: "the survivors of the fire were taken to a hospital"

Used in print:

(Harold Rosenberg, "The Trial and Eichmann"...)

It is not that the facts of the persecution were unavailable ; most_of the information elicited in Jerusalem had been brought to the surface by the numerous War_Crimes tribunals and investigating commissions , and by reports , memoirs , and survivors ' accounts .

(James Boylan, "Mutinity"...)

For hundreds of years , the evidence available consisted_of ( 1 ) the captain 's fragmentary journal , ( 2 ) a highly prejudiced account by one of the survivors , ( 3 ) a note found in a dead man 's desk on_board , and ( 4 ) several second-hand reports .

(John Harnsberger and Robert P. Wilkins,...)

By fall , 443 survivors of this arduous journey were clustered about Fort_Snelling , but most_of them were sent_on to Galena and St._Louis , with a few going as far as Vevay , Indiana , a notable Swiss center in the United_States .

Synonyms survivor subsister Related Terms unfortunate exist

2. survivor [ n ] one who outlives another
Examples: "he left his farm to his survivors"

Used in print:

(Jack Kaplan, "The Health Machine Menace: Therapy by...)

He did this by the charming practice of buying_up used electric blankets for $ 5 to $ 10 from survivors of patients who had died , reconditioning them , and selling them at $ 185 each .

Synonyms survivor Related Terms person outlive

3. survivor [ n ] an animal that survives in spite of adversity
Examples: "only the fittest animals were survivors of the cold winters"

Used in print:

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

The survivors emerge on some nice , sunny day in March or April , when the temperature is close to 50 ` F and there is not too_much wind .

Synonyms survivor Related Terms animal

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