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Definition of supress

"Supress" is probably misspelled. Trying suppress instead Definition of suppress

1. suppress [ v ] to put down by force or authority
Examples: "suppress a nascent uprising", "stamp down on littering" "conquer one's desires"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution,...)

The Dominican people have known no democratic institutions and precious little freedom for a generation , and all alternative leadership has been suppressed .

(Perry Miller "Theodore Parker: Apostasy within Liberalism"...)

One can even argue - though this is a delicate matter - that every justification existed for their returning the Public_Lecture to the First_Church , and so to suppress it , rather_than let Parker use it as a sounding_board for his propaganda when his turn should come to occupy it .

(Lt. Col. D.F. Martin, "Will Aircraft or Missiles Win Wa...)

An aircraft with a load of small nuclear_weapons could very conceivably be given a mission to suppress all trains operating within a specified geographic_area of Russia - provided that we had used some of our ICBMs to degrade Russia 's air_defenses before our bombers got there .

Synonyms inhibit conquer suppress subdue curb stamp_down Related Terms control hush stifle squelch smother wink dampen choke_off burke silence inhibition conqueror suppresser forbiddance suppressor suppression

2. suppress [ v ] come down on or keep down by unjust use of one's authority
Examples: "The government oppresses political activists"

Used in print:

(William C. Smith, "Why Fear Ideas?"...)

Those who would suppress dangerous thoughts , credit ideas with high potency .

Synonyms crush suppress oppress Related Terms repress suppression oppressor

3. suppress [ v ] control and refrain from showing; of emotions

Used in print:

(E. Lucas Myers, "The Vindication of Dr. Nestor,"...)

Alex suppressed those expressions of relief which offered to prevail in his face and escape from his throat ; unwarranted they were in_any_case for , as he stood facing the fille_de_chambre , his ears were assailed by new sounds from the interior of the shower_room .

Synonyms suppress bottle_up Related Terms restrain choke suppression

4. suppress [ v ] keep under control; keep in check
Examples: "suppress a smile" "Keep your temper" "keep your cool"

Synonyms restrain keep hold_back suppress keep_back Related Terms prevent control hold confine bottle_up quench suppression

5. suppress [ v ] put out of one's consciousness; in psychiatry

Synonyms repress suppress Related Terms forget swallow psychiatry

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