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Definition of supose

"Supose" is probably misspelled. Trying suppose instead Definition of suppose

1. suppose [ v ] express a supposition
Examples: "Let us say that he did not tell the truth" "Let's say you had a lot of money--what would you do?"

Used in print:


Suppose he did lie beside Lenin , would it be permanent ?

(Kenneth Hoffman and Ray Kunze, Linear Al...)

Conversely , suppose that �a is in the null_space of * * f .

Suppose that the minimal polynomial for T decomposes over F into a product of linear polynomials .

Now suppose that we also have * * f where D ' is diagonalizable , N ' is nilpotent , and * * f .

(Frederick Mosteller et al., Probability with...)

More generally , suppose that an experiment consists_of a number of independent trials , that each trial results in either a `` success '' or a `` non success '' ( `` failure '' ) , and that the probability of success remains constant from trial to trial .

Synonyms say suppose Related Terms speculate guess

2. suppose [ v ] expect, believe, or suppose
Examples: "I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel" "I thought to find her in a bad state" "he didn't think to find her in the kitchen" "I guess she is angry at me for standing her up"

Used in print:

(The Philadelphia Inquirer,...)

I suppose I am missing some elementary point but I honestly cannot see how two wrongs can make a right !

(National Review, xi: 26...)

If the raw population figures are crucially relevant , then it is idle to think_of liberation , as idle as to suppose that Poland might liberate Russia .

(The Nation, 193: 16...)

The publication last July of the party 's Draft Program - that blueprint for the `` transition to communism '' - had led the uninitiated to suppose that this Twenty-second_Congress would be a sort_of apotheosis of the Khrushchev regime , a solemn consecration of ideas which had , in_fact , been current over the last three or four years ( i. e. , since the defeat of the `` anti-party group '' ) in_all theoretical party journals .

(Ann Ritner, Seize a Nettle....)

The East was popularly supposed to have got the country into war and into depression , dragging the west along ; and now the East was creating government agencies for which the West doubtless would have to pay .

(Richard Tiernan, "Land of the Silver Dollar,"...)

`` I do n't know much about them '' , Owen admitted , `` but I suppose they have their own religion and they probably resent outsiders coming_in and telling them what to do and what not to do '' .

Synonyms think guess suppose imagine reckon opine Related Terms expect suspect suspect divine idea opinion guess supposition

3. suppose [ v ] to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds
Examples: : "Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps."

Used in print:

(The Wall Street Journal,...)

Suppose , says Dr._Lyttleton , the proton has a slightly greater charge than the electron ( so slight it is presently immeasurable ) .

(Perry Miller "Theodore Parker: Apostasy within Liberalism"...)

Suppose they both had ventured into realms which their colleagues thought infidel :

(Ernest Becker, Zen: A Rational Critique. New York: W.W....)

One patriarch is supposed to have relegated sacred scriptures for use in an outhouse .

(William H. Ittelson and Samuel B. Kutash,...)

One subject spontaneously asked ( after her arm had finally risen ) , `` Do you suppose I was unconsciously keeping it down before '' ?

Synonyms suppose speculate hypothesize theorize conjecture hypothesise hypothecate theorise Related Terms expect explicate reconstruct hypothesis theory hypothesis speculation guess theorist conjecture theorization supposition speculator

4. suppose [ v ] take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand
Examples: "I presuppose that you have done your work"

Synonyms presuppose suppose Related Terms assume postulate premise presupposition

5. suppose [ v ] require as a necessary antecedent or precondition; in logic
Examples: "This step presupposes two prior ones"

Synonyms presuppose suppose Related Terms imply logic

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