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Definition of superbum

"superbum" is probably misspelled. Trying superb instead Definition of superb

1. superb [ a ] of surpassing excellence
Examples: "a brilliant performance" "a superb actor"

Used in print:

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

This time the orchestra gave him some superb support fired by response to his own high mood .

(The Providence Journal...)

It has all been done in superb style , and the result is a show which deserves the support of every person hereabouts who enjoys good musical_theater .

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

But having lived with the disc for some time now , I find the performance less exciting than either Schnabel 's or Fleisher 's ( whose superb performance with the Budapest_Quartet has still to be recorded ) and a good_deal less filled with humor than Curzon 's .

Synonyms brilliant superb Related Terms superior

2. superb [ a ] surpassingly good
Examples: "a superb meal"

Synonyms superb Related Terms good

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