1. [ adjective ] inspiring awe
Synonyms: empyrean empyreal

"well-meaning ineptitude that rises to empyreal absurdity"- M.S.Dworkin "empyrean aplomb"- Hamilton Basso "the sublime beauty of the night"

Related terms: glorious
2. [ verb ] (chemistry) vaporize and then condense right back again
Synonyms: sublimate
Related terms: change resublime sublimate evaporate condense
3. [ adjective ] (religion) worthy of adoration or reverence
Synonyms: reverenced reverend venerated revered
Related terms: sacred
4. [ adjective ] (archaic) lifted up or set high

"their hearts were jocund and sublime"- Milton

Related terms: archaism elated
5. [ verb ] change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting
Synonyms: sublimate

"sublime iodine" "some salts sublime when heated"

Related terms: gasify sublimate
Similar spelling:   sublimed