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Definition of standup

"Standup" is probably misspelled. Trying stand instead Definition of stand

1. stand [ v ] be standing; be upright
Examples: "We had to stand for the entire performance!"

Used in print:

(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

More_often_than_not I have found easy excuse to leave my own work and stand at a respectable distance where I could watch this man transform raw nature into a composed , not imitative , painting .

(Tom F. Driver, "Beckett by the Madeleine,"...)

Unruly hair goes straight up from his forehead , standing so high that the top falls gently over , as if to show that it really is hair and not bristle .

(Helen Hooven Santmyer, "There Were Fences"...)

We were forbidden to swing on the gates , lest they sag on their hinges in a poor-white-trash way , but we could stand on them , when they were latched , rest our chins on the top , and stare and stare , committing to memory , quite unintentionally , all the details that lay before our eyes .

But the fences were still in_place fifty odd years ago , and when we stood on the gate to look over , the sidewalk under our eyes was not cement but two rows of paving_stones with grass between and on both sides .

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

I could evoke no further elaboration from her about this ; but a_few seconds later she was standing directly across the room from me , looking me in the eyes and saying in a scathingly condemnatory tone , `` Your father despises you '' !

Synonyms stand stand_up Related Terms sit lie rest stand_back line_up ramp ramp arise standee stander standing arise

2. stand [ v ] be in some specified state or condition
Examples: "I stand corrected"

Used in print:

(Dell Shannon, The Ace of Spades....)

It was going_to be another hot day ; already the thermometer stood close_to ninety .

(Gene Caesar, Rifle for Rent....)

The company herds were being raided less often , and cabins and soddies all_over the range were standing deserted .

They would n't o ' stood no chance with you in a plain , straight-out shoot-down '' .

(T. C. McClary, "The Flooded Desert," Argosy,...)

The dangerous current upon the prairie ceased , but the water stood and kept_on rising .

Synonyms stand Related Terms be represent resist stand_by leap_out excel stand_by point_of_view

3. stand [ v ] occupy a place or location, also metaphorically
Examples: "We stand on common ground"

Used in print:

(Louis Zara, Dark Rider....)

The Dutch_Reformed_Church , with two steeples and its own school was on Main_Street ; the Episcopal_Church was one block down Sussex_Street ; the Catholic Saint_Mary's_Church , with an even taller steeple and a cross on top , stood on Ball_Street .

(Gerald Green, The Heartless Light....)

Inside , as_soon_as Mr._Skopas had disclosed - in a hoarse whisper - the detective 's errand , his family gathered in a huddle , forming a mass of dark flesh on and around a brocaded sofa which stood at one side of a baroque fireplace .

Synonyms stand Related Terms be point_of_view

4. stand [ v ] hold one's ground; maintain a position; be steadfast or upright
Examples: "I am standing my ground and won't give in!"

Used in print:

(The Oregonian...)

Many changes involved minor editing and clarification ; however , the first belief stood for entire revision with a new third point added to the list .

(The New York Times,...)

This is the root issue for which the United_States should stand .

(The New York Times,...)

We should stand firmly and courageously for our right to free access into Berlin .

Against this invincible determination to communize the whole world stands a group of nations unable to agree on fundamentals and each refusing to make any sacrifice of sovereignty for the common good of all .

(Peter Eldersveld, "Faith Amid Fear"...)

The fear of war can make us either too weak to stand and too willing to compromise , or too reckless and too nervous to negotiate for peace as long as there is any chance to negotiate .

Synonyms stand remain_firm Related Terms yield resist resist

5. stand [ v ] put up with something or somebody unpleasant
Examples: "I cannot bear his constant criticism" "The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks" "he learned to tolerate the heat" "She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage"

Used in print:

(Richard Ferber, Bitter Valley....)

If she did , he could stand it better in the light .

Synonyms bear stand suffer tolerate endure put_up brook abide stick_out digest support stomach Related Terms permit take pay accept stand_for bear_up take_lying_down take_a_joke sit_out suffer endurance tolerance toleration

6. stand [ v ] have or maintain a position or stand on an issue
Examples: : "Where do you stand on the War?"

Used in print:

(Schubert Ogden, Christ Without Myth....)

Although they have also been concerned to stand squarely within the tradition of the apostolic church , they have exhibited no willingness whatever to sacrifice their modernity to their Christianity .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

`` Senator '' , said an interviewer , `` your constituents can n't understand from your speech last night just how you stand on the question '' .

Synonyms stand Related Terms judge align point_of_view

7. stand [ v ] remain inactive, as of a car in a garage, or not flowing, as of water

Used in print:

(Francis J. Johnston and John E. Willard, "The...)

No detectable reaction was found at room_temperature for reaction mixtures allowed to stand up_to 5 hours .

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

The mixtures of sample plus cell suspension were allowed to stand at room_temperature for 1 hr .

For the albumin method , equal volumes of 30 % bovine albumin , sample and 2 % cells suspended in saline were allowed to stand at room_temperature for 1 hr and then were centrifuged at 1000 rpm for 1 min .

Synonyms stand Related Terms stay

8. stand [ n ] a support or foundation
Examples: "the base of the lamp"

Used in print:

(Doris Miles Disney, Mrs. Meeker's Money....)

It contained a desk , files , a typewriter on a stand , and two big leather armchairs .

Synonyms stand base pedestal Related Terms support staddle trivet trivet brass_monkey

9. stand [ v ] be in effect; be or remain in force
Examples: "The law stands!"

Used in print:

(Huston Smith, "Interfaith Communication: The...)

Care must be taken neither to confuse unity with uniformity nor God with our parochial ideas about him , but with these two qualifications , the statement stands .

(Richard B. Morris, "Seven Who Set Our Destiny"...)

His bold fiscal program and his broad interpretation of the Constitution stand as durable contributions .

Synonyms stand Related Terms continue wash

10. stand [ n ] a small table for holding articles of various kinds
Examples: : "a bedside stand"

Used in print:

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

Ritchie walked up to him at the magazine stand .

(Marvin Schiller, "The Sheep's in the Meadow,"...)

Cardboard noisemakers , substitutes for the unavailable tin models , were being hawked and bought at makeshift stands every few yards along Broadway , and one 's ears were continually serenaded by the horns ' rasps and bleats .

Synonyms stand Related Terms table lectern

11. stand [ n ] a support for displaying various articles
Examples: "the newspapers were arranged on a rack"

Used in print:

(Raymond C. Binder et al., editors, Proceedings...)

Figures 1 to 3 show photographic and schematic views of the test stand and of two different models of the anode holder .

(Sallie Bingham, "Moving Day," The Atlantic...)

Winston took_out a pencil , admired the point , and wrote slowly and heavily , `` Clothes Stand '' .

Synonyms stand rack Related Terms support tripod magazine_rack music_stand cruet-stand spice_rack dress_rack bier spit

12. stand [ v ] be tall; have a height of; copula
Examples: "She stands 6 feet tall"

Used in print:

(Howard Fast, April Morning....)

As for this rider , I never saw him before or afterwards and never saw him dismounted , so whether he stood tall or short in his shoes , I can n't say ; but I do know that he gave the day tone and distinction .

(Hampton Stone, The Man Who Looked Death...)

A man with so big and so staggeringly developed a torso and such long and powerful arms is expected to stand taller than five feet five .

Synonyms stand Related Terms measure

13. stand [ n ] a growth of similar plants (usually trees) in a particular area
Examples: "they cut down a stand of trees"

Used in print:

(Richard Ferber, Bitter Valley....)

There was brush , and stands of pine that no grass could grow under , and places so steep that cattle would n't stop to graze .

There was an artificial_lake just out_of_sight in the first stand of trees , fed by a half dozen springs that popped_out of the ground above the hillside orchard .

Synonyms stand Related Terms vegetation

14. stand [ n ] the position where a thing or person stands

Used in print:

(Bonnie Prudden, "The Dancer and the Gymnast"...)

Try to push back to the stand position from the stretched position without any intermediate pushes from the hands .

Synonyms stand Related Terms position cabstand

15. stand [ v ] withstand the force of something
Examples: "The trees resisted her" "stand the test of time" "The mountain climbers had to fend against the ice and snow"

Synonyms stand resist fend Related Terms fight fender buffer

16. stand [ n ] a mental position from which things are viewed
Examples: "we should consider this problem from the viewpoint of the Russians" "teaching history gave him a special point of view toward current events"

Used in print:

(Irving Fineman, Woman of Valor: The Life of Henrietta...)

She could not resist the opportunity `` of showing her superiority in argument over a man '' which she had remarked as one of the `` feminine follies '' of Sara_Sullam ; and in her forthright way , Henrietta , who in her story of Sara had indicated her own unwillingness `` to think_of men as the privileged '' and `` women as submissive and yielding '' , felt obliged to defend vigorously any statement of hers to which Morris_Jastrow took the slightest exception - he objected to her stand on the Corbin affair , as_well_as on the radical reforms of Dr._Wise of Hebrew_Union_College - until once , in sheer desperation , he wrote that he had given_up hope they would ever agree on anything .

Synonyms viewpoint point_of_view standpoint stand Related Terms position position slant landscape complexion cityscape

17. stand [ v ] put into an upright position
Examples: "Can you stand the bookshelf up?"

Used in print:

(Winfred Van Atta, Shock Treatment....)

I closed the last bag and stood all three at the door for the bellboy to pick_up , then went_to the bathroom for a drink of water .

Synonyms stand_up stand place_upright Related Terms situate put

18. stand [ n ] a stop made by a touring musical or theatrical group to give a performance
Examples: "a one-night stand"

Used in print:

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

Manager_Hemus , eager to end a pitching slump that has brought four losses in the five games on the current home stand , moved Gibson to the Wednesday night starting assignment .

Synonyms stand Related Terms stop

19. stand [ n ] an interruption of normal activity

Synonyms stand tie-up standstill Related Terms stop tie_up

20. stand [ n ] a booth where articles are displayed for sale

Used in print:

(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

After more years of concentrated effort , Roy and his brother Max finally established a thriving family_business at the old stand .

Synonyms stall stand sales_booth Related Terms shop booth newsstand coffee_stall

21. stand [ v ] adopt as a belief
Examples: "I subscribe to your view on abortion"

Used in print:

(Kenneth Scott Latourette, Christianity in a Revolutiona...)

He was remembered chiefly for his fearless advocacy of abolition , but he also stood for equal rights for women , for opportunity for the freedmen , and for prohibition .

Synonyms support stand subscribe Related Terms agree approve

22. stand [ v ] be available for stud services
Examples: "male domestic animals such as stallions serve selected females"

Synonyms stand Related Terms serve animal_husbandry

23. stand [ n ] tiered seats consisting of a structure (often made of wood) where people can sit to watch an event (game or parade)

Synonyms stands stand Related Terms tiered_seats bleachers reviewing_stand grandstand stadium ballpark

24. stand [ n ] a platform where a (brass) band can play in the open air

Synonyms bandstand stand outdoor_stage Related Terms platform

25. stand [ n ] a defensive effort
Examples: "the army made a final stand at the Rhone"

Synonyms stand Related Terms defense repulsion resist

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