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Definition of spiralis

"spiralis" is probably misspelled. Trying spiral instead Definition of spiral

1. spiral [ n ] a plane curve traced by a point circling about the center but at ever-greater distances from it

Used in print:

(Jaroslav Pelikan, The Shape of Death: life, death and...)

Not a circle , then , nor a straight_line , but a spiral represents the shape of death as Irenaeus sees it ; for a spiral has motion as_well_as recurrence .

Not a circle , then , nor a straight_line , but a spiral represents the shape of death as Irenaeus sees it ; for a spiral has motion as_well_as recurrence .

As represented by a spiral , history may , in_some_sense , be said to repeat itself ; yet each historical event remains unique .

The first turn of the spiral is the primeval history of humanity in Adam .

With this act of disobedience , and not with the inception of his individual existence , man began the downward circuit on the spiral of history , descending from the created capacity for immortality to an inescapable mortality .

Synonyms spiral Related Terms curve

2. spiral [ v ] to wind or move in a spiral course:" the muscles and nerves of his fine drawn body were coiling for action,", "black smoke coiling up into the sky"
Examples: "the young people gyrated on the dance floor"

Used in print:

(J. F. Vedder, "Micrometeorites", in Francis S. J...)

The Poynting-Robertson effect ( Robertson , 1937 ; Wyatt and Whipple , 1950 ) , which is a retardation of the orbital motion of particles by the relativistic aberration of the repulsive_force of the impinging solar_radiation , causes the dust to spiral into the sun in times much shorter than the age of the Earth .

According_to Whipple ( 1955 ) , cometary debris is sufficient to replenish the material spiraling into the sun , maintaining a fairly steady state .

Synonyms spiral coil gyrate Related Terms turn coil gyration

3. spiral [ v ] form a spiral
Examples: "The path spirals up the mountain"

Synonyms spiral Related Terms wind helix

4. spiral [ n ] a curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle

Synonyms spiral helix Related Terms curve double_helix

5. spiral [ n ] a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops
Examples: "a coil of rope"

Synonyms coil whorl volute helix spiral Related Terms structure hank gyrate

6. spiral [ v ] move in a spiral or zigzag course

Synonyms spiral corkscrew Related Terms turn

7. spiral [ n ] ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center

Synonyms volute spiral Related Terms decoration

8. spiral [ a ] in the shape of a coil

Synonyms helical spiral spiraling volute voluted whorled turbinate coiling Related Terms coiled

9. spiral [ n ] flying downward in a helical path with a large radius

Synonyms spiral Related Terms rotation corkscrew

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