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Definition of solv

"solv" is probably misspelled. Trying solve instead Definition of solve

1. solve [ v ] find the solution to (a problem or question):"did you solve the problem?"; understand the meaning of
Examples: "did you get it?" "Did you get my meaning?" "He could not work the math problem"

Used in print:

(Rocky Mountain News, [Denver, Colorado]...)

Her day starts early , but no_matter_how many pressing letters there are to be written ( and during May , which is National Salvation_Army Week , there are plenty ) , schedules to be made or problems to be solved , Mrs._Marr 's office is always open and the welcome_mat is out .

(Alfred Wright, "A Duel Golfers Will Never Forget"...)

A_lot_of people were still thinking_about Jack_Nicklaus , the spectacular young amateur , who had a 70 ; or Ken_Venturi , who had a somewhat shaky 72 but was bound_to do better ; or Rosburg , whose accurate short game and supersensitive putter can overcome so many_of Augusta 's treacheries ; or even old Byron_Nelson , whose excellent 71 made one wonder if he had solved the geriatric aspects of golf .

(Los Angeles Times...)

If there were no West_Berlin problem , imperialist quarters would have invented an excuse for stepping_up the armaments race to try to solve the internal and external problems besetting the United_States and its NATO partners .

This sum spent for foreign economic aid , the peace_corps , food for peace , or any other program to solve the problems of the underdeveloped countries would be an investment that would pay_off in world peace , increased world trade , and prosperity for every country on the globe .

(Newark Evening News...)

Civil_Defense has far to go and many problems to solve , but is it not in the best spirit of our pioneer tradition to be not_only willing , but prepared to care for our own families and help our neighbors in any disaster - storm , flood , accident or even war ?

Synonyms solve figure_out puzzle_out lick work_out work Related Terms understand answer guess answer riddle strike break solution resolution reason

2. solve [ v ] find the solution to
Examples: "solve an equation"

Used in print:

(Francis J. Johnston and John E. Willard, "The...)

This method in_general solved the problem of obtaining fairly equal concentrations of reactants in each of the six cells from a set .

(Frederick Mosteller et al., Probability with...)

Fortunately , a general formula of wide applicability solves all problems of this kind .

Synonyms solve resolve Related Terms calculate factorize convergent_thinker

3. solve [ v ] settle, as of a debt
Examples: "clear a debt" "solve an old debt"

Synonyms solve clear Related Terms settle

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