1. [ noun ] any activity that is performed alone without assistance
Related terms: activity
2. [ verb ] (transportation) fly alone, without a co-pilot or passengers
Related terms: fly air_travel
3. [ noun ] (music,fine art) a musical composition for one voice or instrument (with or without accompaniment)
Related terms: musical_composition voluntary
4. [ adjective ] (music) composed or performed by a single voice or instrument

"a passage for solo clarinet"

Related terms: music unaccompanied
5. [ verb ] (performing arts) perform a piece written for a single instrument
Related terms: perform
6. [ adverb ] without anybody else
Synonyms: alone unaccompanied

"the child stayed home alone" "he flew solo"

7. [ noun ] (transportation) a flight in which the aircraft pilot is unaccompanied
Related terms: flight
Similar spelling:   Sol