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Definition of sike

"sike" is probably misspelled. Trying size instead Definition of size

1. size [ n ] the physical magnitude of something (how big it is)
Examples: "a wolf is about the size of a large dog"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

`` Only a relative handful of such reports was received '' , the jury said , `` considering the widespread interest in the election , the number of voters and the size of_this city '' .

(Mr. America, 4:6...)

Physique contests are rarely won on muscle size alone .

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

These specialists , I learned , have done a great_deal of work to improve the size and health of the plants and the resulting flowers .

Their seeds produce vigorous blooming plants half again the size of the unimproved strains .

It is brought to packing_houses , cleaned and graded as to size and quality , and packed in protective excelsior .

Synonyms size Related Terms magnitude distance smallness circumference largeness small large

2. size [ n ] the property resulting from being one of a series of graduated measurements (as of clothing)
Examples: "he wears a size 13 shoe"

Used in print:

(Clayton C. Barbeau, The Ikon....)

All sizes : big ones , some wired to set_off a whole field , little ones , hand_grenade size .

All sizes : big ones , some wired to set_off a whole field , little ones , hand_grenade size .

Synonyms size Related Terms measure property number petite regular large stout quarto outsize small octavo extra_large

3. size [ a ] (used in combination) "the economy-size package"
Examples: "average-sized houses"

Used in print:

(The Providence Journal...)

Sparrow size Virginia_Gibson , with sparkling blue eyes and a cheerful smile , made a suitably perky Amy , while Melisande_Congdon , as the real aunt , was positively monumental in the very best Gibson_Girl manner .

Synonyms size Related Terms combining_form sized

4. size [ v ] cover or stiffen or glaze a porous material with size or sizing (a glutinous substance)

Synonyms size Related Terms coat

5. size [ n ] any glutinous material used to fill pores in surfaces or to stiffen fabrics
Examples: "size gives body to a fabric"

Synonyms sizing size Related Terms filler

6. size [ n ] (informal) the actual state of affairs
Examples: "that's the size of the situation" "she hates me, that's about the size of it"

Synonyms size_of_it size Related Terms situation colloquialism

7. size [ v ] sort according to size

Synonyms size Related Terms classify

8. size [ v ] make to a size; bring to a suitable size

Synonyms size Related Terms change_magnitude scale resize size_up

9. size [ n ] a large magnitude
Examples: "he blanched when he saw the size of the bill" "the only city of any size in that area"

Synonyms size Related Terms magnitude

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