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Definition of shutup

"shutup" is probably misspelled. Trying shut_up instead Definition of shut_up

1. shut_up [ v ] refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent
Examples: "The children shut up when their father approached"

Used in print:

(Perry Miller "Theodore Parker: Apostasy within Liberalism"...)

`` If it gave me pleasure to say hard things '' , he wrote , `` I would shut_up forever '' .

Synonyms shut_up be_quiet keep_mum belt_up clam_up button_up dummy_up close_up Related Terms open_up

2. shut_up [ a ] closely confined

Used in print:

(Jane Gilmore Rushing, "Against the Moon,"...)

The women , keeping their voices low as they worked around the house or sat in the living_room , sounded like chickens shut_up in a coop for the night .

Synonyms shut_up pent Related Terms confined

3. shut_up [ v ] place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape
Examples: "The parents locked her daughter up for the weekend" "She locked her jewels in the safe"

Used in print:

(Genevieve Holden, Deadlier Than the Male....)

Whoever it was had meant to shut him up in here , had followed him and waited till the courthouse and square were deserted .

Synonyms lock_up put_away lock_in shut_up lock shut_away lock_away Related Terms confine locking

4. shut_up [ v ] cause to be quiet or not talk
Examples: "Please silence the children in the church!"

Used in print:

(W. H. Gass, "The Pedersen Kid," in The...)

`` Shut_up .

Synonyms silence still hush shut_up hush_up quieten Related Terms louden suppress dampen lull gag shush shout_down whitewash hush silence silence muteness hush silencer hush

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