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Definition of sentance

"sentance" is probably misspelled. Trying sentence instead Definition of sentence

1. sentence [ n ] a string of words satisfying the grammatical rules of a language
Examples: "he always spoke in grammatical sentences"

Used in print:

(Tom F. Driver, "Beckett by the Madeleine,"...)

I reconstruct his sentences from notes made immediately after our conversation .

(Dan McLachlan, Jr., "Communication Networks and...)

This sentence would have most_of the characteristics of a question , but it has some of the characteristics of a statement because the questioner has conveyed the fact that he has no faith in his own timepiece or the one attached to his car .

(Brainard Cheney, "Christianity and the Tragic Vision-Ut...)

And I select this sentence as its pertinent summation : `` In_essence the drama of his ( Eisenhower 's ) Presidency can be described as the ordeal of a nation turned conservative and struggling - thus_far with but limited and precarious success - to give effective voice and force to_that conservatism '' .

(Raymond J. Corsini et al., Roleplaying in Business...)

The director helped tailor-make a check_list of the district_manager 's errors by asking various observers to write_out sentences commenting on the mistakes they felt he made .

(Ralph B. Long. The Sentence and Its Parts: A...)

In sentences , patterns of stress are determined by complex combinations of influences that can only be suggested here .

Synonyms sentence Related Terms string question compound_sentence declarative_sentence simple_sentence run-on_sentence topic_sentence complex_sentence clause constituent

2. sentence [ v ] pronounce a sentence on, in a court of law
Examples: "He was condemned to ten years in prison"

Used in print:

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

For these crimes he was sentenced to be hanged in_public on Friday , December 2 , 1859 .

Synonyms sentence condemn doom Related Terms declare declare foredoom reprobate court-martial law conviction disapprobation prison_term convict

3. sentence [ n ] a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed
Examples: "the conviction came as no surprise"

Used in print:

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

Concerning the sentence the editor asked , `` What else can Virginia do than to hang the men who have defied her laws , organized treason , and butchered her citizens '' .

In the eastern section of the state the newspapers ' reaction to Brown 's trial and sentence were basically identical .

Concerning the sentence , Foss wrote , `` If it be possible that mercy shall override vengeance and that John_Brown 's sentence shall be commuted to imprisonment , it would be well - well for the country and for Virginia '' .

Concerning the sentence , Foss wrote , `` If it be possible that mercy shall override vengeance and that John_Brown 's sentence shall be commuted to imprisonment , it would be well - well for the country and for Virginia '' .

Despite the excitement being caused by the trial and sentence of John_Brown , Rhode_Islanders turned their attention to the state elections .

Synonyms sentence conviction condemnation judgment_of_conviction Related Terms acquittal final_judgment murder_conviction robbery_conviction rape_conviction criminal_law

4. sentence [ n ] the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned
Examples: "he served a prison term of 15 months" "his sentence was 5 to 10 years" "he is doing time in the county jail"

Used in print:

(Jack Kaplan, "The Health Machine Menace: Therapy by...)

The sentence : 360 days ' confinement in the county jail .

When authorities convicted him of practicing medicine without a license ( he got_off with a suspended sentence of three years because of his advanced age of 77 ) , one of his victims was not around to testify : He was dead of cancer .

(Glayds H. Barr, The Master of Geneva....)

A week later the sentence of the Council was carried_out : Jake_Camaret and the woman were marched naked through the streets past a mocking populace .

Synonyms sentence time prison_term Related Terms term life hard_time

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