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Definition of seeth

"seeth" is probably misspelled. Trying seethe instead Definition of seethe

1. seethe [ v ] foam as if boiling
Examples: "a seething liquid"

Synonyms foam seethe Related Terms foam

2. seethe [ v ] be in an agitated emotional state

Synonyms seethe Related Terms be bubble_over

3. seethe [ v ] be in an agitated emotional state
Examples: "The customer was seething with anger"

Synonyms boil seethe Related Terms be feel bubble_over ferment sizzle

4. seethe [ v ] be noisy with activity
Examples: "This office is buzzing with activity"

Synonyms buzz seethe hum Related Terms be teem buzz

5. seethe [ v ] boil vigorously
Examples: "The liquid was seething" "The water rolled"

Synonyms roll seethe Related Terms churn

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