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Definition of secratary

"secratary" is probably misspelled. Trying secretary instead Definition of secretary

1. secretary [ n ] a person who is head of an administrative department of government

Used in print:


In all the bitter in-fighting , the squabbles over election procedures , the complicated numbers_game that East and West played on the assistant secretaries ' theme , the gentleman from Burma showed himself both as a man of principle and a skilled diplomat .

(Edwin L. Bigelow and Nancy H. Otis,...)

Operating in 1887 was the `` Valley_Telegraph_Line '' , officers of which were E._C._Orvis , president ; H._K._Fowler , vice-president and secretary ; J._N._Hard , treasurer ; F._H._Walker , superintendent ; H._S._Walker , assistant superintendent .

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

The latter two were appointed secretaries .

(Tristram Coffin, Not to the Swift....)

The Vice_President had called and asked if he could see the Secretary at his home .

The Secretary was uneasy about the visit .

Synonyms secretary Related Terms head Secretary_of_the_Treasury Secretary_of_State undersecretary Attorney_General Secretary_of_Health_and_Human_Services Secretary_of_Labor Secretary_of_Housing_and_Urban_Development Secretary_of_Defense Secretary_of_Commerce Secretary_of_the_Interior Secretary_of_Transportation Secretary_of_Veterans_Affairs Secretary_of_Energy Secretary_of_Education Secretary_of_Agriculture

2. secretary [ n ] an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization

Used in print:

(The Providence Journal...)

This is when his troubles begin , not_to_mention a fledgling artist who he hires , and who turns_out to have ideas of his own , with particular respect_to the hero 's sweetheart secretary .

(Edwin L. Bigelow and Nancy H. Otis,...)

The officers were John_Marsden , president ; John_C._Blackmer , vice-president ; George_Smith , treasurer ; and William_F._Orvis , secretary .

(Gerald Green, The Heartless Light....)

When the detective left , Andrus phoned his secretary to cancel his work and to advise the network to get a substitute director for his current project .

(Robert L. Duncan, The Voice of Strangers....)

He was surprised to find Kayabashi 's secretary on the other end of the line .

The oyabun was entertaining a group of dignitaries , the secretary said , businessmen from Tokyo for_the_most_part , and Kayabashi wished to show them the mission .

Synonyms secretary secretarial_assistant Related Terms assistant receptionist executive_secretary stenographer social_secretary

3. secretary [ n ] a person to whom a secret is entrusted

Synonyms repository secretary Related Terms confidant

4. secretary [ n ] a desk used for writing

Synonyms escritoire writing_table secretaire secretary Related Terms desk

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