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Definition of scrutin

"scrutin" is probably misspelled. Trying scrutiny instead Definition of scrutiny

1. scrutiny [ n ] the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)

Used in print:

(Kenneth Reiner, "Coping with Runaway Technology"...)

But the pseudo capitalism which dictates our whole economy as_well as our politics and social life , will not stand close scrutiny .

(William C. Smith, "Why Fear Ideas?"...)

Can they stand rigid scrutiny ?

(Allan J. Braff and Roger F. Miller, "Wage-Price...)

The model of this paper considers an industry which is not characterized by vigorous price_competition , but which is so basic that its wage price policies are held in_check by continuous critical public scrutiny .

Synonyms examination inspection scrutiny Related Terms investigation survey comparison testing scan checkup check going-over inspection autopsy follow-up time-and-motion_study fine-toothed_comb keratoscopy audit fine-tooth_comb palpation visit endoscopy rhinoscopy once-over bank_examination search examine size_up audit

2. scrutiny [ n ] a prolonged intense look

Used in print:

(Gerald Green, The Heartless Light....)

She answered him precisely , missing not a beat in her scrutiny of the financial reports .

Synonyms scrutiny Related Terms look size_up audit

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