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Definition of scriptus

"scriptus" is probably misspelled. Trying script instead Definition of script

1. script [ n ] a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance

Used in print:

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

One of the script 's big problems was how to blend pictures and music of the past with live performances by musicians of today .

(The Providence Journal...)

( Several times recently I have wondered whether shows were being staged for the sake of the script or just to entertain the audience with the spectacle of scenery being shifted right in_front_of their eyes .

(Whit Masterson, Evil Come, Evil Go....)

Andy rolled_up the revised script he had been studying .

Andy crumbled the script in his fist .

Synonyms script book playscript Related Terms dramatic_composition dialogue libretto screenplay scenario shooting_script continuity promptbook

2. script [ n ] something written by hand
Examples: "she recognized his handwriting" "his hand was illegible"

Synonyms hand handwriting script Related Terms writing shorthand longhand calligraphy scribble handwriting

3. script [ v ] write a script for
Examples: "The playwright scripted the movie"

Synonyms script Related Terms write writing

4. script [ n ] a particular orthography or writing system

Synonyms script Related Terms orthography Devanagari alphabet uncial cuneiform syllabary Avestan aramaic brahmi pahlavi uighur Arabic

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