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Definition of scence

"scence" is probably misspelled. Trying science instead Definition of science

1. science [ n ] knowledge accumulated by systematic study and organized by general principles
Examples: "mathematics is the basis for much scientific knowledge"

Used in print:

(William G. Pollard, Physicist and Christian....)

The progress of science over these last few centuries and the gradual replacement of Biblical by scientific categories of reality have to a large extent emptied the spirit_world of the entities which previously populated it .

In carrying_out this program science has undoubtedly performed a very considerable service for which it can claim due credit .

Science is fully competent to deal with any element of experience which arises from an object in space and time .

In doing so science has unquestionably cleared_up widespread misconceptions , removed extraneous and illusory sources of fear , and dispelled many undesirable popular superstitions .

Science has simply left us helpless and powerless in this important sector of our lives .

Synonyms science scientific_knowledge Related Terms knowledge_domain scientific unscientific

2. science [ n ] a particular branch of scientific knowledge
Examples: "the science of genetics"

Used in print:

(Frank Oppenheimer, "Science and Fear-- A Discussion...)

Will advances in human sciences help us build social_structures and governments which will enable us to cope_with people as_effectively_as the primitive combination of protein and nucleic_acid built a structure of molecules which enabled it to adapt to a sea of molecular interaction ?

There are certainly large areas of understanding in the human sciences which in themselves and even without political invention can help to dispel our present fears .

Synonyms science scientific_discipline Related Terms discipline psychology mathematics social_science linguistics natural_science systematics architectonics agrology thanatology metallurgy cryptanalysis cognitive_science information_science strategics agrobiology metrology nutrition agronomy scientific_theory mathematics theorist

3. science [ n ] ability to produce solutions in some problem domain
Examples: "the skill of a well-trained boxer" "the sweet science of pugilism"

Used in print:

(Booton Herndon, "From Custer to Korea, The 7th Cavalry"...)

Though he knew no more about military science and tactics than any other desk_officer , he managed to get transferred to the combat forces .

Synonyms skill science Related Terms ability virtuosity nose

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