1. [ noun ] an act of economizing; reduction in cost
Synonyms: economy

"it was a small economy to walk to work every day" or "there was a saving of 50 cents"

Related terms: action retrenchment economies_of_scale economy_of_scale save
2. [ adjective ] bringing about salvation or redemption from sin
Synonyms: redeeming redemptive

"saving faith" "redemptive (or redeeming) love"

Related terms: good
3. [ noun ] recovery or preservation from loss or danger
Synonyms: rescue deliverance delivery

"work is the deliverance of mankind": "a surgeon's job is the saving of lives"

Related terms: recovery redemption liberation search_and_rescue_mission reclamation lifesaving salvation salvage salvage rescue
4. [ adjective ] characterized by thriftiness

"wealthy by inheritance but saving by constitution"- Ellen Glasgow

Related terms: thrifty
5. [ noun ] the activity of protecting something from loss or danger
Synonyms: preservation preserving
Related terms: protection self-preservation conservation environmentalism fixation embalmment reservation immobilisation keep
Similar spelling:   savings