1. [ noun ] (physics) the process of totally saturating something with a substance
Synonyms: impregnation

"the impregnation of wood with preservative" "the saturation of cotton with ether"

Related terms: permeation plastination
2. [ noun ] (physics) the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance
Synonyms: pervasion suffusion impregnation permeation
Related terms: diffusion impregnation ammonification carbonation percolate permeate interpenetrate suffuse
3. [ noun ] the act of saturating something
Related terms: filling saturate
4. [ noun ] (chemistry) a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence
Related terms: condition saturation_point
5. [ noun ] (color) chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vividness of hue
Synonyms: intensity vividness chroma
Related terms: color_property chromatic_color
Similar spelling:   saturate