1. [ noun ] the contentment you feel when you have done something right

"the chef tasted the sauce with great satisfaction"

Related terms: dissatisfaction contentment pride complacency fulfillment gloat
2. [ noun ] state of being gratified; great satisfaction
Synonyms: gratification

: "dull repetitious work gives no gratification" "to my immense gratification he arrived on time"

Related terms: emotional_state quality_of_life satisfy
3. [ noun ] (business) compensation for a wrong
Synonyms: expiation atonement

"we were unable to get satisfaction from the local store"

Related terms: damages expiate
4. [ noun ] act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite
Synonyms: satisfying

"the satisfaction of their demand for better services"

Related terms: change fulfillment gratification satisfy
Similar spelling:   satisfactory