1. [ noun ] a strong cord
Related terms: cord line cable bungee bola harpoon_line brail halyard tightrope hangman's_rope brace jump_rope hawser lashing lasso guide_rope small_stuff prolonge cordage trip_line tier bight sisal jute hemp
2. [ verb ] catch with a lasso
Synonyms: lasso

"rope cows"

Related terms: get roping lasso
3. [ noun ] (pharmacology) street names for flunitrazepan
Synonyms: forget_me_drug mexican_valium r-2 roach roofy rophy circle
Related terms: flunitrazepan
4. [ verb ] fasten with a rope
Synonyms: leash

"rope the bag securely"

Related terms: tie lasso rope_in leash
Similar spelling:   Roupe