1. [ verb ] take up or begin anew
Synonyms: restart

"We resumed the negotiations"

Related terms: continue resumption end
2. [ verb ] return to a previous location or condition
Synonyms: take_up

: "The painting resumed its old condition when we restored it"

Related terms: change
3. [ noun ] (writing) short descriptive summary (of events)
Synonyms: survey sketch
Related terms: summary sum_up
4. [ verb ] assume anew

"resume a title" "resume an office" "resume one's duties"

Related terms: assume
5. [ verb ] give a summary (of)
Synonyms: summarize sum_up summarise

"he summed up his results" "I will now summarize"

Related terms: repeat recapitulate docket abstract precis sum summary sketch
6. [ noun ] (writing) a summary of your academic and work history
Synonyms: cv curriculum_vitae
Related terms: summary
Similar spelling:   re-assume