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Definition of restraunt

"restraunt" is probably misspelled. Trying restraint instead Definition of restraint

1. restraint [ n ] the act controlling by restraining someone or something
Examples: "the unlawful restraint of trade"

Used in print:

(R. F. Shaw, "The `Private Eye`"...)

By_virtue_of his self-reliance , his individualism and his freedom from external restraint , the private_eye is a perfect embodiment of the middle_class conception of liberty , which amounts to doing what you please and let_the_devil_take_the_hindmost .

(William C. Smith, "Why Fear Ideas?"...)

Assuredly in our political_campaigns there is freedom to think , to examine any and all issues , and to speak without restraint .

(U.S. Reports. Volume 366. Cases Adjudged in the...)

The purpose of_this provision was thus explained in the Court 's opinion : `` Section 7 is designed to arrest in its incipiency not_only the substantial lessening of competition from the acquisition by one corporation of the whole or any part of the stock of a competing corporation , but also to arrest in their incipiency restraints or monopolies in a relevant market which , as a reasonable probability , appear at the time of suit likely to result from the acquisition by one corporation of all or any part of the stock of any other corporation .

The section is violated whether or not actual restraints or monopolies , or the substantial lessening of competition , have occurred or are intended '' .

We repeat , that the test of a violation of 7 is whether , at the time of suit , there is a reasonable probability that the acquisition is likely to result in the condemned restraints .

Synonyms restraint Related Terms control confinement containment bridle damper collar containment suppression restriction restraint_of_trade immobilization restrain

2. restraint [ n ] discipline in personal and social activities
Examples: "he was a model of polite restraint" "she never lost control of herself"

Used in print:

(Robert E. Lane, The Liberties of Wit: Humanism, Critici...)

In a small way this is illustrated by the nineteenth century novelist who argued for the powerful influence of literature as a teacher of society and who illustrated this with the way a girl learned to meet her lover , how to behave , how to think about this new experience , how to exercise restraint .

(Allan J. Braff and Roger F. Miller, "Wage-Price...)

Finally , since the public requires some restraint on the part of the companies , larger wage increases call_for less_than proportionately larger price increases ( e._g. , if a wage increase of 5 % allows a price increase of 7 % , a wage increase of 10 % allows a price increase of something less_than 14 % ) .

Synonyms control restraint Related Terms unrestraint discipline inhibition continence temperance self-restraint

3. restraint [ n ] the state of being physically constrained
Examples: "dogs should be kept under restraint"

Synonyms restraint constraint Related Terms confinement cage restrain

4. restraint [ n ] lack of ornamentation
Examples: "the room was simply decorated with great restraint"

Synonyms restraint simplicity chasteness Related Terms plainness

5. restraint [ n ] a rule or condition that limits freedom
Examples: "legal restraints" "restraints imposed on imports"

Synonyms restraint Related Terms restriction floodgate

6. restraint [ n ] a device that stops something from moving
Examples: "the car did not have proper restraints fitted"

Synonyms constraint restraint Related Terms device shackle leash brake chain catch muzzle band fastener airbrake gag brake_pads lock safety_belt sea_anchor brake_shoe arrester trammel air_bag

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