1. [ noun ] the act controlling by restraining someone or something

"the unlawful restraint of trade"

Related terms: control confinement containment bridle damper collar containment suppression restriction restraint_of_trade immobilization restrain
2. [ noun ] discipline in personal and social activities
Synonyms: control

"he was a model of polite restraint" "she never lost control of herself"

Related terms: unrestraint discipline inhibition continence temperance self-restraint
3. [ noun ] the state of being physically constrained
Synonyms: constraint

"dogs should be kept under restraint"

Related terms: confinement cage restrain
4. [ noun ] lack of ornamentation
Synonyms: simplicity chasteness

"the room was simply decorated with great restraint"

Related terms: plainness
5. [ noun ] a rule or condition that limits freedom

"legal restraints" "restraints imposed on imports"

Related terms: restriction floodgate
6. [ noun ] a device that stops something from moving
Synonyms: constraint

"the car did not have proper restraints fitted"

Related terms: device shackle leash brake chain catch muzzle band fastener airbrake gag brake_pads lock safety_belt sea_anchor brake_shoe arrester trammel air_bag
Similar spelling:   restrain