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Definition of responsable

"responsable" is probably misspelled. Trying responsible instead Definition of responsible

1. responsible [ a ] worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust; or held accountable
Examples: "a responsible adult" "responsible journalism" "a responsible position" "the captain is responsible for the ship's safety" "the cabinet is responsible to the parliament"

Used in print:

(Bonnie Prudden, "The Dancer and the Gymnast"...)

If the dance teachers of America make it their business to prepare their young charges for the gymnastics that must come some_day if our schools are really responsible , we will be that_much ahead .

(Clifford H. Pope, The Giant Snakes....)

The anaconda proves to be the fly_in_the_ointment , but the reason for this is not clear ; the relatively wild conditions still found in tropical South_America might be responsible .

(Max F. Millikan and Donald L. M. Blackmer,...)

As a nation , we feel an obligation to assist other countries in their development ; but this obligation pertains only to countries which are honestly seeking to become responsible members of a stable and forward-moving world community .

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

It was responsible and sometimes dangerous work because the thieving is awful in the port of New_York .

Synonyms responsible Related Terms irresponsible trustworthy liable judicious accountable answerable amenable obligated trustworthy prudent responsibility

2. responsible [ a ] being the agent or cause
Examples: "determined who was the responsible party" "termites were responsible for the damage"

Used in print:

(George Harmon Coxe, Error of Judgement....)

He , Casey , had been scared for_a_while , but that had come mostly from the fact that he felt responsible .

Synonyms responsible_for responsible Related Terms causative

3. responsible [ a ] having an acceptable credit rating
Examples: "a responsible borrower"

Synonyms responsible creditworthy Related Terms trustworthy

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