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Definition of real_state

"real_state" is probably misspelled. Trying real_estate instead Definition of real_estate

1. real_estate [ n ] property consisting of houses and land

Used in print:

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

Consultation with architects , clients , real_estate men , fabric houses and furniture companies is essential to the proper development of class problems just as in actual work .

(W. E. B. DuBois, Worlds of Color....)

The bank which held the mortgage on the old church declared that the interest was considerably in_arrears , and the real_estate people said flatly that the land across the river was being held for an eventual development for white working people who were coming_in , and that none would be sold to colored folk .

Synonyms real_estate real_property realty Related Terms property land estate mortmain

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