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Definition of pusy

"pusy" is probably misspelled. Trying pussy instead Definition of pussy

1. pussy [ n ] obscene terms for female genitals

Used in print:

(Francis Pollini, Night....)

Nigger pussy .

He thought_of sweet wet nigger pussy .

Oh , sweet land of heaven , haint there just nothin like sweet nigger pussy !

Man how I love nigger pussy !

Synonyms pussy slit nooky puss snatch twat cunt Related Terms female_genitalia

2. pussy [ a ] having undergone infection
Examples: "festering sores" "an infected wound"

Synonyms festering pussy purulent putrid infected Related Terms septic

3. pussy [ n ] informal terms referring to a domestic cat

Synonyms kitty-cat puss pussy pussycat kitty Related Terms domestic_cat

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