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Definition of psycologist

"psycologist" is probably misspelled. Trying psychologist instead Definition of psychologist

1. psychologist [ n ] a scientist trained in psychology

Used in print:

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

Nevertheless , there are notably frequent instances of deja_vu , in which our recognition of an entirely novel event is a feeling of having lived through it before , a feeling which , though vague , withstands the verbal barrage from the most impressive corps of psychologists .

If Depew had told any academic psychologist that he had a weird feeling of having lived through that identical convention session at some time in the past , he would have been informed that he was a victim of deja_vu .

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

Eileen was a psychologist all_right .

(E. Lucas Myers, "The Vindication of Dr. Nestor,"...)

Inside , carefully packed in straw , were six eggs , but the eye of a poultry psychologist was required to detect what scientifically valuable specimentalia lay inside ; to Alex they were merely six not unusual hens ' eggs .

Synonyms psychologist Related Terms scientist James Skinner psychophysicist hypnotist burt leary psycholinguist edward_lee_thorndike alfred_binet clark Jung arnold_gesell g._stanley_hall Piaget c._k._ogden carl_rogers herb_simon parapsychologist john_broadus_watson robert_m._yerkes cattell cattell eysenck behaviorist

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