1. [ adjective ] having great power or force or potency or effect

"the most powerful government in western Europe" "his powerful arms" "a powerful bomb" "the horse's powerful kick" "powerful drugs" "a powerful argument"

Related terms: powerless mighty potent powered regnant muscular coercive puissant regent compelling all-powerful almighty strong effective potent power
2. [ adjective ] strong enough to knock down or overwhelm
Synonyms: knock-down

"a knock-down blow"

Related terms: strong
3. [ adjective ] having the power to influence or convince
Synonyms: potent cogent

"a cogent analysis of the problem" "potent arguments"

Related terms: influential
4. [ adjective ] (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful
Synonyms: hefty sinewy muscular brawny

"a hefty athlete" "a muscular boxer" "powerful arms"

Related terms: strong
5. [ adverb ] (Southern regional intensive) very
Synonyms: mighty right

"the baby is mighty cute" "he's mighty tired" "it is powerful humid" "that boy is powerful big now" "they have a right nice place"

Related terms: intensifier
6. [ adjective ] displaying superhuman strength or power
Synonyms: herculean

"herculean exertions"

Related terms: superhuman
Similar spelling:   powerfully