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Definition of posteriori

"posteriori" is probably misspelled. Trying posterior instead Definition of posterior

1. posterior [ a ] (zoology) at or near the hind end in quadrupeds or toward the spine in primates

Used in print:

(J. W. C. Hagstrom et al., "Debilitating muscular...)

The myocardium of the posterior base of the left_ventricle was replaced by gray scar tissue over a 7.5 cm. area .

Microscopically , sections from the posterior base of the left_ventricle of the heart showed several large areas of replacement of muscle by fibrous_tissue .

(E. Gellhorn, "Prolegomena to a theory of the emotions"...)

On_the_other_hand , the temporary reduction in hypothalamic excitability through the injection of a barbiturate into the posterior hypothalamus causes a lessening in frequency and amplitude of cortical strychnine spikes until the hypothalamic excitability is restored .

Apparently , a positive_feedback exists between the posterior hypothalamus and the cerebral_cortex .

Since electrical stimulation of the posterior hypothalamus produces the effects of wakefulness while stimulation of the anterior hypothalamus induces sleep , it may be said that the reactivity of the whole organism is altered by a change in the autonomic reactivity of the hypothalamus .

Synonyms posterior Related Terms anterior zoology back caudal retral back position

2. posterior [ n ] the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
Examples: "he deserves a good kick in the butt" "are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"

Synonyms seat ass bottom rear_end tail behind buttocks rump hindquarters fundament hind_end keister bum backside posterior stern prat buns tail_end tooshie tush rear can derriere fanny butt nates arse Related Terms body_part torso

3. posterior [ n ] a tooth situated at the back of the mouth

Synonyms back_tooth posterior Related Terms tooth

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