1. [ verb ] take and lift upward
Synonyms: gather_up lift_up
Related terms: raise
2. [ verb ] take up by hand

"He picked up the book and started to read"

Related terms: touch
3. [ verb ] (transportation) give a passenger or a hitchhiker a lift

"We picked up a hitchhiker on the highway"

Related terms: transport pickup
4. [ verb ] gather or collect
Synonyms: collect gather_up call_for

"You can get the results on Monday" "She picked up the children at the day care center" "They pick up our trash twice a week"

Related terms: get pickup
5. [ verb ] get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
Synonyms: hear learn see discover find_out get_word get_a_line get_wind

"I learned that she has two grown-up children" "I see that you have been promoted"

Related terms: discover trip_up wise_up get_the_goods ascertain witness discovery discovery
6. [ verb ] get in addition, as an increase

"The candidate picked up thousands of votes after his visit to the nursing home"

Related terms: get
7. [ verb ] (law,criminal law) take into custody, as of suspected criminals, by the police
Synonyms: arrest nail nab collar apprehend cop
Related terms: clutch seize bull apprehension apprehender
8. [ verb ] of perceptual input: receive a signal, receive news, receive a verdict, etc.
Synonyms: receive
Related terms: perceive hear receiver
9. [ verb ] buy casually or spontaneously

"I picked up some food for a snack"

Related terms: buy commerce
10. [ verb ] lift out or reflect from a background, as of a color

"The scarf picks up the color of the skirt" "His eyes picked up his smile"

Related terms: emphasize
11. [ verb ] (sexuality) meet someone for sexual purposes

"he always tries to pick up girls in bars"

Related terms: meet pickup
12. [ verb ] fill with high spirits; fill with optimism
Synonyms: elate uplift lift_up intoxicate

"Music can uplift your spirits"

Related terms: depress stimulate exhilarate beatify puff elation rejoice
13. [ verb ] get better
Synonyms: turn_around

"Her performance in school picked up"

Related terms: better
14. [ verb ] (food) eat by pecking at; of birds
Synonyms: peck
Related terms: eat beak
15. [ verb ] perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily
Synonyms: catch

"I caught the aroma of coffee" "He caught the allusion in her glance" "ears open to catch every sound" "The dog picked up the scent" "Catch a glimpse"

Related terms: perceive
16. [ verb ] gain or regain energy
Synonyms: perk_up gain_vigor percolate perk

"I picked up after a nap"

Related terms: recuperate pickup
Similar spelling:   pickup