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Definition of ought_to

"ought_to" is probably misspelled. Trying ought instead Definition of ought

1. ought [ v ] expresses an emotional, practical, or other reason for doing something
Examples: : "You had better put on warm clothes" "You should call your mother-in-law" "The State ought to repair the bridges"

Used in print:

(Huston Smith, "Interfaith Communication: The...)

Some persons are so sensitive to this truth as to propose that we do_away_with institutions altogether ; in the present context this amounts to the advice that while being religious may have a certain justification , we ought to dispense_with churches .

For_example , in Burma and Ceylon many Buddhists argue that Buddhism ought to be the official state religion .

(Ann Ritner, Seize a Nettle....)

Grandma said it was just like the early mining camp days , and it was the way people ought to live , only she was getting too old to take the pleasure from_it that she used_to .

(Clark McMeekin, The Fairbrothers....)

It made him pretty hot_under_the_collar , after the idea Miss_Sis had given him , to be told by Miss_Kiz that her holy spa was all reserved for this summer and next , if you please , and that_much as she regretted it , they would be unable to entertain Mrs._Robards and the children .

(Anita Loos, No Mother to Guide Her....)

, had listed himself for Mormon_Beard roles at the instigation of his fourth murder victim who had said : `` With your beard , dear , you ought to be in movies '' !

Synonyms should ought had_better oughta shouldda

2. ought [ v ] be logically necessary

Used in print:

(Clark McMeekin, The Fairbrothers....)

This ought to simplify Tolley 's life '' .

Synonyms need ought must should

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