1. [ adjective ] being or denoting a numerical order in a series

"ordinal numbers" "held an ordinal rank of seventh"

Related terms: cardinal second third first fourth nineteenth fifth eighth sixth ninth twentieth fifteenth eighteenth tenth seventh seventeenth twenty-fifth twenty-first 21st thirtieth sixteenth eleventh twelfth twenty-eighth thirteenth zero fiftieth seventieth fourteenth twenty-fourth 200th 190th 500th 31st 400th 180th 34th 35th 33rd 37th hundredth ninetieth eightieth sixtieth 43rd 44th 42nd 46th trillionth billionth millionth 65th 75th 55th 95th 101st 22nd nth thousandth fortieth 115th 125th 110th 135th 120th 300th 115th 105th 155th 32nd 165th 130th 175th 36th 140th 38th 39th 41st 135th 125th twenty-third 45th 300th 47th 48th 49th 150th 145th 155th 85th zeroth 101st 105th 110th twenty-seventh 120th 165th 130th 160th 140th 145th 150th 175th 160th 170th 170th twenty-ninth 180th 190th 200th twenty-sixth 400th 500th twenty-second umpteenth
2. [ adjective ] of or relating to a taxonomic order

"family and ordinal names of animals and plants"

Related terms: order
3. [ noun ] (mathematics) the number designating place in an ordered sequence
Synonyms: no. ordinal_number
Related terms: number first
Similar spelling:   ordinarily